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14 Reasons "Destiny" Is Everything You Want It To Be

The hype is all completely, absolutely, monumentally deserved. It's been tested and the verdict's out: Destiny is going to be legendary! Check it out today.

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1. It's as beautiful in action, if not moreso, than in trailers.

Which you might expect of the Next-Gen game, but the way the landscape is enriched by walking/driving/soaring through it is remarkable.

2. You can upgrade and customize everything!

Your face, your gun, your sparrow bike... even the ship that takes you from campaign to online multiplayer can be customized! The options are perfectly overwhelming.

3. Each Guardian has a completely unique playing style.

Titans kick ass in close range.

Hunters are precise shooters with agile melee attacks.

Warlocks have the coolest space magic.

4. AND they have individual badass Supers!

Titan = Fist of Havok

Warlock = Nova Bomb

Hunter = Arc Blade

5. You're allowed multiple player profiles at one time.

A strange norm in gaming has emerged in the past few years that only allows for one player profile to be in use at a time. But Destiny is breaking the mold, which means you can play with all three Guardian classes to get the most out of your experience.

6. It's crazy how much you socialize...

You get help from other online players as you battle through each mission, which is super fun and a great way to meet people in public places who you can play with later online.

7. ...and party!

You'll be surprised how many times you'll be on a mission and some rando will walk up to you and start an impromptu dance-off.

8. The story is all about exploration (which perfectly mirrors gameplay).

There's a lot of freedom in Destiny because your goal is to blaze trails and rediscover the universe for the sake of mankind. No lengthy cut scenes or campaign locked levels. It has all the richness of a Bungie game with even more control.

9. There's a buttload to explore.

Earth, Venus, Mars, The Moon, something called "The Reef" — this game wants you to explore every nook and cranny to find special guns and upgrades to beat out the competition.

10. The enemies fight each other!

There are four species fighting you as you work your way from planet to planet. And those enemies are fighting each other for control, as well as giving you the option to engage in three-pronged battles or take a step back and watch armies take each other out.

11. The weapon combos are So. Much. Fun...

You use one standard rifle, a secondary special machine gun/shotgun/sniper, and a heavy weapon that pretty much takes out whatever is in your path.

12. ...which makes the online multiplayer super unique.

The Crucible is a challenge at first, but once you get supercharged or pick up some heavy armor, you can do some serious damage.

13. The game evolves as you play depending on who else is playing!

The persistent online Destiny world is an amazing innovation for the first-person action genre. It provides an unprecedented combination of storytelling and cooperative, competitive, and public gameplay woven into an extraordinarily expansive, persistent online world.

14. So you choose what your game will become.

In conclusion: Destiny is the type of game you absolutely have to see to believe. Venture out alone or join up with friends. The choice is yours.

All images courtesy of Activision.

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