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    • destinseyeview

      Ballet dancers create one of the most beautiful, intense, powerful expressions of artIhave ever experienced. They exist inarealm of perfection that even Plato could not have imagined.  Iunderstand that they suffer.Iknow that it hurts andIknow that they abuse their bodies.Iknow thatagreat ballet dancer will never recover from what they put their bodies through. ButIbelieve that it must be worth it.  Maybe only another dancer has any right to judge. MaybeIhave no right to have this opinion. It may be hypocritical for me to say that their suffering is worth it. Who am I?Iam only the audience.Iam bias.Iam selfish.Iam the beneficiary of their pain.Iwant the experience they give me. WhenIwatch,Iunderstand music inaway that is not assessable to me at any other time. More than that,Iunderstand beauty. It is intangible. It is inexpressible. It is powerful.Iam grateful for what they do and what they share with me.

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