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These Dads Did Ballet With Their Daughters For The First Time And It Was Beautiful

The cuteness.

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Watch these dads practice ballet with their daughters!

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Which is why these three dads did exactly that for their very first ballet class alongside their daughters.


Davon and Chloe, John and Allie, and Omar and Melia were suited up and ready to dance.

They went to LaToya Bellamy, artistic director and founder of Dancer 4 Life LA Dance Studio.


She's been dancing for 32 years, and knew she wanted to open her own dance studio to teach when she was only 15 years old.


The daddy-daughter duos got right down to business by doing some plies. Easy enough, right?


"I thought I prepared myself and stretched a little before, but apparently you have to go a little deeper," said Omar.

Then they all had to put their right leg on the bar and stretch away as the girls made sure their daddies pointed their feet.


"I was just making sure the teacher took it easy on us first-timers here," said Davon.