15 Glitzy Champagne Desserts That'll Make You Feel Classy AF

    Perfect for special occasions!

    1. Champagne and Raspberry Curd Sponge Cake

    2. Pomegranate Champagne Sorbet

    3. Champagne Cupcakes

    4. Pink Champagne Truffles

    5. Chocolate Truffle Champagne Cake

    6. Champagne Macarons

    7. Blood Orange Champagne Crème Brûlée

    8. White Chocolate Champagne Cheesecake Shooters

    9. Sparkling Champagne Cookie-wiches

    10. Almond Champagne Poached Pears With Almond Whipped Cream

    11. Poached Champagne Grape-Stuffed Brioche

    12. Strawberries and Champagne Cake Balls

    13. Champagne Brownies

    14. Champagne and White Rose Chocolate Pyramids

    15. Strawberries and Champagne Galette With A Chocolate Crust