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13 Ways "Despicable Me 3" Is More Despicable Than Ever

Well, first of all, the Minions go to jail.

The new Despicable Me 3 hits cinemas this summer, and it’s going to be BANANAS!

1. We get a lot more Gru!

2. He faces off with former '80s child star Balthazar Bratt.

3. Bratt has all the right moves...

4. ...and he's training for the ultimate showdown.

5. Because, this time, Gru is not alone.

6. His long-lost twin brother is bringing some serious fire power...

7. ...and a full head of hair!

8. And, of course, the Minions are back!

9. Giving a hard time while doing time.

10. Lucy slays...

11. ...and Agnes kicks cute into overdrive!

12. So, run. Don't walk.

13. It's going to be electric!

It's good to be bad this June 30 with Despicable Me 3!

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