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    I Ranked All The Sheep In Animal Crossing So You Don't Have To

    "Ranked Worst to Best, woohoo!"

    Before we start, a little tiny disclaimer;


    This is my opinion. It is always okay to disagree among any sheep villagers and cat villagers ranked in the line.

    13. Curlos


    Curlos isn't really cool or cute. He actually looks like he's copying Frita's color pallete. If anyone knows that Curlos is the opposite of Frita though, we're on the same page. Otherwise, Curlos is a sheep that looks like he ate Doritos and Diet Coke everyday. I do not need another sheep that likes to ramble out his mind.

    12. All the forgotten sheep

    Now, the Animal Crossing franchise has dropped out some sheep that would've been the BOMB if they weren't dropped out for the cut, and since I forgot most of them, they are ranked 12th.

    11. Frita


    Frita isn't my type either, and her style completely TERRIFIES me. Hamburgers = Beef and Hot dogs = meat. Her eyes also are especially large, and her cloak of fur looks like wheat.

    10. Cashmere


    Cashmere is sweet, and she is honestly hated because of her looks. Looks! Just looks! Seriously?? Is that the only reason you'd hate Cashmere? Let the little sheep be herself. And if you don't like her, DO NOT use your net. I'm looking at you, SweetFreedom, and all of the people who continues to hurt their neighbor. Harming your friends and neighbors is NOT okay. Otherwise, Cashmere liking red is a bit creepy.

    9. Muffy


    Despite the gothic look, Muffy is very kind and deserves more love than she has right now. Otherwise, her intention of bringing only black to my island is not acceptable.

    8. Vesta


    Surprised Vesta is in 8th place? Me too. But, until I compared all the sheep I am listing, she deserves to be in 8th for a reason. Vesta, of course, is a sheep with a mysterious mask across her face, making it a mystery to see her real face. Sure, it looks like her real face, but it is weird that she has no nose. Like, is it weird how Stella, Cashmere, Vesta, and Curlos are the only sheep with no nose? Also, what makes Vesta more suspicious is that she tries to fit in. Does it seem weird that she tries to fit in while she already does?

    7. Baabara


    Baabara is the same with Vesta, but with keeping her eyes shut. Its a bit scary, but overall, her design is cute and stylish.

    6. Eunice


    Eunice might be cute and all, but compared to the other sheep villagers, she has to stay here. Honestly, she looks so colorful but she likes black, which is very weird.

    5. Willow


    She's so colorful! She's like as if a highlighter exploded and eyeliner too. She might be beautiful, but her obsessive love of pink is beyond ridiculous. She only gifts you something if you gift her something pink.

    4. Timbra


    She might be snooty, but she's actually really nice. She gives you medicine when she gets the chance, and she likes company. She might not deserve 4th, but she is really kind to me, and it makes me happy.

    3. Wendy


    Wendy is cute, and she is very cheerful. She also likes watermelon, and even if I don't, she looks adorable wearing it! The only thing I don't understand is how she is full of colors, but she only likes white. Is that confusing? Because it is to me.

    2. Stella


    Stella is adorable, and she is very kind too. You guys might be surprised Stella isn't on #1 of the list, but she makes me put her on #2 for a reason. She has a lack of pink, and even if she is nice, she can get into fights. Therefore, her rank is #2.

    1. Pietro


    Pietro is an adorable fluff of color, and as his lifestyle, he likes all of the colors. He is misjudged because he is called ugly, creepy, and a bully. But he is none of these things. He also smiles to hide all of his worries, fears, and sadness.

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