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    20 Reasons Why Kosovo Should Be Your Next Adventure Tourism Destination

    This small country is located in Balkan peninsula bordering with summer-hotspots beach vacationing countries such as Montenegro and Albania, Kosovo doesn't have coastline but it has magnificent mountains and inside the country are some of the main highest peaks of the region such as Rudoka Peak 2,658M altitude located at Sharr Mountains, Gjeravica 2,656M altitude located at Accursed Mountains, Bistra 2651M altitude located at Sharr Mountains and the list goes on and on. Recent years different people some of them established in any formal groups businesses or associations and others as individuals have been doing a lot to explore the country and also by using technology and images every experience they put on social media to share with friends and relatives all across the globe. Few years there wasn't much to be done regarding the outdoor activities but now the situation is whole different. Private initiatives, also supported by different organizations and local authorities have started a grassroots movement which aims to make Kosovo a regional destination for adventure tourism: hiking trails of any category, rock climbing, camping, mountain bike trails, zip-line, free ride skiing, snowshoeing, paragliding, and the list goes on and on, are just some of the outdoor activities that you can experience with professional guides all around Kosovo. Local experiences with traditional food and drinks in guest houses run by families that live up in mountains accompanied by breathtaking landscapes all around Kosovo mountains will give you unforgettable memories for the rest of your life, we have collected just few pictures to inspire you and make you follow your wanderlust and go to see this amazing country, with the friendliest people and best macchiato in the World. LET THE WANDERLUST HIT YOU.

    1. Because cabins like this aren't difficult to be found.

    2. And winters offer you such views.

    3. If it's summer you can go and swim in one of the biggest glacial lakes of the country.

    4. This kind of wake-up view.

    5. Roads that take you to Rugova Mountains turn into 'gold-mine' on the autumn season.

    6. Camping views as this one... are hard to be described.

    7. Hiking in the mountain peaks that border two countries it isn't an experience you can have very often.

    8. Hiking ancient trade routes will take you to thousand years old castles.

    9. Hike and paraglide, YES there's such thing.

    10. Snowshoeing while enjoying 360' views with some of the highest peaks around you is a #mustdo experience.

    11. As we mentioned up there, coffee culture is an experience itself, don't miss it.

    12. Pump your adrenaline by climbing via-ferrata at Rugova Gorge.

    13. Few minutes away is the adventure-park that keeps your adrenaline pumped even more.

    14. It may look like Mongolia but it's not. In fact it's Sharr Mountain.

    15. Get lost in the trail of Mirusha Waterfalls.

    16. Or chase sunrises at Bistra peak (one of the highest peaks in Kosovo).

    17. And if you want to see places not so mainstream these kind of villages wait for you at altitudes of +2000M.

    18. Free-ride skiing or snowboarding from the highest peak Gjeravica is a thing of dare-devils.

    19. Mountain-biking too.

    20. And don't you dare to leave from there without experiencing a sunset like this while enjoying a drink or coffee at the +2000 year old castle of Prizren.