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How I Met Your Mother

Its been two years since how i met your mother ended. For me how i met your mother came pretty close to being the best sitcom i have ever seen. So after two years one might wonder what went wrong. These are the pretty much the reasons i could think of

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1-2 seasons too many

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If the series has ended after say third or fourth season it would have been perfect. There are so many great stories that happens post this season, but Barney-Robin would have never happened and also towards the end they wouldn't have to remind us all the time that Ted is still in live with Robin.

Barney and Robin

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I love that the series creators had the ending planned from the very first season, Ted was always suppose to end up with Robin and had the series not picked up for season two Ted was suppose to end up with Victoria, but they didn't plan what happened in between that and this has to top that list, Barney and Robin had amazing chemistry together and in many ways they were right for each other. Not only that both the characters matured a lot, Barney and Robin were completely different characters pre and during their relationship and they just dumped all that in season finale

The Mother

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Though, The mother was introduced in Ninth season she made her way into a lot a fans heart many thanks to Cristin Milioti amazing performance. So to find out that she dies, was just heartbreaking but the worst was you cant shake the feeling that Ted didn't deserve her and you are left with the feeling that Ted settled for Tracy and all the time he was married to her he still had feelings for Robin

The wedding


Viewers were teased with 'the wedding' since the seventh seasons finale. So when we find out that they got divorced the very next episode after they get married, you feel a little bit cheated. But worst was when Barney said his vows to Robin because even fans and Robin had the second thoughts about the marriage, if they could work it out or not. But that particular moment we all believed that this will work and that they could overcome the odds

Ted and Robin

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Sure in season 1 or season 2 i was hoping that Ted and Robin gets back together, but over the time being rejected by Robin over and over, i got over them as a couple. You only hoped/screamed for Ted to remember why they broke up the first time. Instead we got Ted obsessing to get back with Her, And in the way not realizing some other perfect match for him (Victoria). And the worst of them all was the moment in episode 'No pressure' when Ted said the L word and Robin didn't say it back

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