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    26 Extraordinary Christmas Trees That Make Yours Look Boring

    When it comes to Christmas decorations, its always about whether to go with a real Christmas tree or stick to the convenient fake trees. What about all of the DIY and art installation Christmas trees? Here are 26 of the most extraordinary Christmas trees out there.

    1. Hand Print Christmas tree

    2. Wrapping paper Christmas tree

    3. Christmas tree jumble

    4. Cardholder Christmas tree

    5. Box Christmas Tree


    7. String Christmas tree

    8. Tissue paper Christmas tree

    9. Felt garland Christmas tree

    10. Button Christmas tree

    11. Wine cork Christmas tree

    12. Driftwood Christmas tree

    13. Musical Score Christmas tree

    14. Felt Ball Christmas Tree

    15. Gift Ribbon Christmas Tree

    16. Panel Christmas Tree

    17. Wall Collection Christmas Tree

    18. Lights Christmas Tree

    19. Strawberry Chocolate Christmas tree

    20. Pillow Christmas Tree

    21. Vintage Paper Christmas Tree

    22. Mobile Hanging Christmas Tree

    23. Honeycomb Christmas Tree

    24. Fabric Christmas Tree

    25. Balloon Christmas Tree

    26. Just the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree