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Vietnamese Catholic Wedding Rules According To Your Parents

Here you go how to have a Vietnamese Catholic Wedding in America.

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They just want you to be happy... This means find a Vietnamese, Doctor, Pharmacist or Engineer from a rich family who is also Catholic and good looking, and tall, oh and can speak Vietnamese and is under 25. What is so hard about this?

You are required to have thousands of photos taken of you.

Seriously. A standard American Wedding has engagement photos, getting ready photos, wedding photos, family photos, wedding party photos and receptions photos. A standard Vietnamese American wedding will have all of those photos plus engagement party photos, traditional Vietnamese Ceremony photos and you are required to stand for at least an hour taking photos with every single guest, sometimes multiple photos with each guest, sometimes you wont even know who you are standing with, sometimes the guests do not want to be there...hell, sometimes you don't even want to be there.

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