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    Are @LillyPad Poisoners? Facts Or Rumours? PLS Sign @Royallgal DES Petition #KeepLillyHonest @des_journal

    Is Eli Lilly milking cancer by making profit from cancer drugs and a substance that could increase the risk of people getting cancer?

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    Four years ago:

    Jeffrey Smith wrote Is Eli Lilly Milking Cancer by Promoting and Treating It?.

    This week:

    At the historic Breast Cancer trial in Boston – see the Melnick sisters related videos - Eli Lilly, despite having poisoned millions of people for decades - with Diethylstilbestrol - does not feel the need to offer anything other than an early settlement!

    Patricia Royall decided to target the CEO of Eli Lilly with a new petition Eli Lilly – Fess Up on DES! calling on the drug manufacturer to take responsibility!

    Let’s all convince Eli Lilly to adequately deal with the Reality of their Disaster – Time for Actions

    What do you think ?

    Please leave a comment and if you agree, please SIGN THE PETITION and share