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    • derrickw4

      The source picture claims it is Mount Tabor, which is in Portland (and this does look like Tabor, but it could be many other places, too). The 228 area code doesn’t mean anything, there are a ton of transplants here in Portland, myself included, who still have their cell phone number from back home (almost 4 years for in PDX for me and I have a Wisconsin phone number even though I have no intention to move elsewhere). Half of my friends here are from out of state and most of them don’t have 503 numbers.

    • derrickw4

      I think that picture is one of the most explainable. It is pretty clear from the background that the fleshlight people were out in the open. The girl probably saw the cartoon looking fleshlight and wanted a picture. Little kids often do that even if they don’t know what it is. The parents might easily not know what a fleshlight is. It’s not something like a dildo with a decades long name recognition. I just asked my 30 year old wife and she didn’t know. I would wonder why fleshlight is advertising out in the open with a character that kids would be interersted in seeing. The fleshlight people probably should have explained what they were first. If everyone involved knew what it was, then it is pretty weird indeed, but it seems less likely than it just being a strange random encounter. I think the kid on the swimming pool cover is the worst, followed by the bong one and the hot car. Most of the others are weird at most, but hard to know what’s going on.

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