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20 Greatest Afros Ever!

A look at the best fros in the history of frodom.

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1. Pam Grier

2. Samuel L. Jackson

Kinocast / Via

3. Babs Streisand

4. Michael Jackson

5. Erykah Badu

6. Dante de Blasio

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7. Phil Spector

8. Don Cornelius

9. Billy Preston

10. Angela Davis


11. Prince (Then)

12. Prince (Now)

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13. Franklin Ajaye's fro in the movie "Car Wash"

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14. Bob Ross (Late host Of PBS show The Joy Of Painting)

15. Robert Heyges (Welcome Back Kotter)

16. Former Columbian Soccer Player Carlos Valderrama

17. Art Garfunkel

18. Richard Simmons

19. Sly Stone

20. This guy

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