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Do You Know What Feminism Actually Means?

And does feminist automatically equal feminine?

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We asked men on the streets of Hollywood if they considered themselves to be feminists or not.

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"Are you a feminist?"

Generally, the responses seemed to be focused on whether their masculinity was being called into question.

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We decided to talk to Dr. Juliet Williams, a professor in UCLA's Department of Gender Studies, about what feminism and being a feminist actually means.

“A central message of feminism, from the very start, has been that gender inequality and the gender system as a whole isn’t just bad for women, it’s very bad for men too.”

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“For women, the idea that you have to be pretty, and motherly, and shy, and quiet...For men, the idea that in order to have social value you have to be aggressive, and competitive, and angry.”

Emma Watson had a firsthand example of when gender inequality can be incredibly harmful for men.

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One man, who identifies as a feminist, thought of how important his mother and grandmother were in his life.

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So you're saying that men CAN be feminists?

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OK fine, but can Emma Watson cordially invite me to become a feminist?

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Thanks Emma!

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