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12 Things People With Hyperhidrosis Know All Too Well

Everybody sweats, but it becomes a problem when sweating interferes with your life. Talk to your doctor about hyperhidrosis.

1. When you have hyperhidrosis, you don't just simply start to sweat when it's hot out.

2. You start to sweat whenever your body just feels like it.

3. And you sweat a lot.

4. Imagine everyone being able to see how uncomfortable you are.

5. Or a polite social norm being the bane of your existence.

6. Simple things like gripping a steering wheel or holding a pen can become frustratingly difficult.

7. No, we're not always more comfortable in situations when everyone else is sweating.

8. But, hey, you do become extremely resourceful when napkins aren't on hand during a particularly sweaty moment.

9. Not everyone with hyperhidrosis has the same triggers, nor is the cause for their sweating the same.

10. Yes, we've tried every antiperspirant on the market.

11. And we know about the slightly more intense treatments, too.

12. And while there are different types of hyperhidrosis, one thing is appreciated by all of those affected: a little kindness.

Excessive sweating is a common problem that can be helped. Talking to your doctor about hyperhidrosis is no sweat!