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11 Facts About Sweat That Are Kind Of Mind-Blowing

Everybody sweats, but excessive sweating can be a major problem. Talk to your doctor about hyperhidrosis.

1. Sweating doesn't actually cause pimples or acne.

2. The average person has over 2 million sweat glands on the surface of their body.

3. Each foot can secrete roughly a pint of sweat a day.

4. There's a difference between stress sweat and regular sweat.

5. Odor from sweating isn't actually caused by sweat.

6. Your happy sweat may make other people feel happier.

7. Sweat stains aren't really sweat stains.

8. Though women use the same amount of sweat glands as men when working out, they generally produce less sweat than men.

9. And the sweat of vegetarian men may be more alluring than the sweat of carnivorous men.

10. Sweating way more than your body needs to is called hyperhidrosis.

11. And no other sweat is exactly like your own sweat.

Sweating is something everyone deals with, but not everyone deals with excessive, problematic perspiration. Talk to your doctor about hyperhidrosis.