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14 Makeup Transformations That Prove Makeup's True Power

Let's be real: Makeup artists really are magicians.

1. Some women wish to be real queens...

2. ...while others hope to turn themselves into their idol.

3. Some wish to haunt you...

4. ...and some can't decide between beauty or zombie.

5. Some people believe masterpieces aren't just for canvases...

6. ...and that city walls shouldn't have all the fun.

7. Some want it to appear as though they've just stepped out of a computer screen...

8. ...because they believe illusions should come in every form.

9. Some wish to hypnotize you with one glance...

10. ...while others have a more geometric point of view.

11. Some people wish to show their strange and intriguing side...

12. shifting your perception of reality.

13. Others are living in a watercolor dream.

14. Some wish to stop you in your tracks, with just how beautiful they truly can be.

And some people use makeup to camouflage, creating a flawless and natural skin tone.

Makeup is a powerful means of expression that can color, highlight and camouflage in incredible ways. For the days you need to harness the power of coverage cosmetics, try Dermablend’s line of professional foundations and concealers.