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    5 Reasons It's OK You Are Wasting Your Life On YouTube

    YouTube is more than a brainless procrastination tool, even though that's how most of us use it. Here are 5 videos worth watching for various reasons.

    1. Finally - you can actually help people by watching a viral video!

    2. Boost your self esteem by watching epic fail videos.

    There's no shortage of people doing risky things and paying the price on video. Check out this skydiving fail video - must be strange to wake with a man strapped to your back and flying through the sky.

    3. Relive your consumer conquests by watching Unboxing videos of stuff you had.

    The weird subculture of unboxing videos has produced more than one funny or disastrous sequence caught on YouTube. Here's one that serves as a parody for the genre while also showing off impressive production skills.

    4. Cat Videos - Need I say more?

    Cat videos are the modern day opiate of choice - and are a common alternative to methadone treatment.

    5. Boost your cat's self esteem by watching funny cat fail videos.

    Combining reasons 2 and 4 into a full-on internet breaking phenomenon.

    Cat Fails Win