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    • derekd10

      Sorry Vanessa but you will be confused by it because you have been indoctrinated by Christianity and soldafairy story called ‘The Bible’. Ok some of the Bible may be true but when you learn that most of it is fiction it makes you wonder about the rest of it.Iwould suggest you look upadeity called ‘Mithra’ or ‘Mithras’ which predates Christianity. You will find that this Deity had twelve disciples, could cure the sick, Could walk on water, died and came back to life etc etc. Does this sound familiar?Iwonder where where the Bible got the idea for Jesus from? Funnily ‘Mithras’ is also not the first to have these attributes either.
      Iused to beaChristian myself untilIdecided not to just take for granted whatIwas being told was the truth and decided to use my own brain and do some research. Just asaclosure In the Pagan religion the ‘SUN’….’Son?’ dies for three days each year when it is lowest in the sky it stays at this low level for three days and then ‘RISES’ as the new year begins. This occurs over the constellation called the ‘Crux’, the Southern Cross. ‘Crux’..’Crucifix’?? The SUN dying on the ‘CRUX or Southern Cross’ to rise again ‘THREE DAYS’ and Jesus the ‘SON’ of GOD dying on the Cross only Rise again after ‘THREE DAYS’. Surely not justacoincidence? Sorry if you find this offensive it is not my intention to offend.
      Go in peace no matter who or what you worship.

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