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    • derect

      What a pile of moronic propaganda presented as factual information! 1. I want our global relationships to change. The UK currently resides in America’s back pocket. Over half a million people have been killed in Iraq alone because of this ‘special relationship’. The inherent implication here is that Scotland will find it hard to make friends and strike trade deals. What complete nonsense! Scotland will be welcomed to the family of nations without the political baggage of Westminster. 2. The National Lottery, seriously? Why not ask residents of Northern Ireland if they’re able to get their hands on Lotto tickets for the Republic of Ireland and vice-versa. I’ll think you’ll find that where there’s a market, there’s always someone ready to meet demand. We’ll have our own lottery anyway in an independent Scotland, with 100% of the good cause money going to Scottish projects. 3. Suggest reading this impartial piece published today on New Europe. The residents of Scotland are already EU citizens, we conform with all EU regulations and laws, our fishing grounds are depended upon by 12 EU member states, we’ve got 60% of the EU’s oil reserves, 10% of its renewable energy potential, have ambitious green energy plans, would be one of the world’s wealthiest countries. Need I got on? We’ll be readily welcomed into the EU with open arms, and it’s safe to say it’s within everyone’s best interests (particularly the rest of the UK’s) for our transition to fully-fledged independent member state to go as smoothly as possible. It’ll be easier to fast track us than to create legislation to remove us! 4. The pound is an internationally traded currency and we cannot be stopped from using it. Many countries have, and continue to informally use sterling. If you’re so confident that there’ll be no currency union I’d suggest placing a bet with Ladbrokes. Last I heard they were offering odds of 100/1 that there would be no currency union. 5. The UK government wasn’t able to bail out Barclays to the tune of over half a trillion pounds (about ten times the RBS bail out). The US federal reserve and the Qatar royal family bailed out Barclays. 6. The white paper is a discussion document. It is impossible to have all bases covered with absolute certainty. Interestingly you raise currency and EU membership. These are two issues that the UK government could help resolve now but refuse to do so in order to create fear and panic, suiting their agenda nicely. 7. The Scottish Government has little control over what is spent. Westminster controls the vast majority of the budget and so if there was a large deficit last year, they should shoulder the largest portion of the blame. Scotland is currently spending money on things it doesn’t want or need. Are you aware that we are paying roughly £32 million a year on nuclear weapons research & development (not to mention the grotesque amount also being spent on Trident)? That £32 million could be paying the wages of an extra 1,400 staff nurses every year alone. That only scratches the surface of the amount of money being squandered too. 8. The extra powers from the Scotland Act 2012 are minimal and don’t present much opportunity. All three main UK parties have promised more powers in future? Yeah, well the Lib Dems promised not to raise tuition fees before the last election. How’d that work out? If any of the three parties were committed to more powers they wouldn’t have fought a ‘devo-max’ option on the ballot and would produce a document with concrete promises instead of dangling an imaginary carrot. 9. The union has been a mixed success story. Whilst we have enjoyed certain achievements and advancements we also face a reality in which millions are living in poverty today, many reliant on foodbanks. The limited autonomy we have has shielded us from the privatisation of the NHS, as has happened in England & Wales. We had to sit back and watch our Royal Mail get sold for a fraction of its worth to George Osbourne’s hedge fund mates. We need to take control before the successes of the union are totally robbed from us. 10. Even the smallest piece of research into North Sea oil & gas shows this is nonsense. There has been significant investment in the North Sea in the last few years, and combined with Osbourne’s tax raid of the oil industry this has engineered an artificial dip in revenues generated for the state. Think the UK government wouldn’t lie about how much oil there is? Do a search for the McCrone report - they suppressed the truth in the 1970s and hid the report for 30 years to make sure the people of Scotland didn’t find out. Lets not fall for the same trick twice!

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