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    • Dani

      The Catholic Church doesn’t worship anything or anyone other than God himself. We hold Mary and all the angels and saints as special and reverend but we definitely do NOT worship them. We simply pray to them and ask for their intersession.
      Also, the media makes a frenzy about this “mistreatment of victims of sexual molestation” and blows it into proportions that are just not there. Catholics are just in the lime light and are constantly being scrutinized my the media. Think about all the other unmentionable wrongdoings being committed world wide that we do not hear about? That compared to each other is way disproportional.
      Yes, the Pope can not change doctrine at all. As stated above, he can change how it is implemented, but he can not change what is being taught. The Catholic Church has taught/believed in the very same things since it was created by Jesus. So, ::eye roll:: you should get your facts straight before you start bashing another religion. Thank you, and God bless.

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