15 Big Dogs Who Are In Total Denial About Their Size

Who are you calling big? These dogs take “if it fits, I sits” to a whole new level. Treat your doggy friends - big or small - to the best in dental care with DENTASTIX®.

1. These dogs who have had a favorite chair since they were puppies and aren’t about to change their ways:

meekosis / Via instagram.com
Aubree Lennon / Via instagram.com
Titan The Great Dane / Via instagram.com

5. This fluffy best friend who has no idea why you’re having a hard time picking him up these days, maybe you should hit the gym?

Aaron Cozadd / Via instagram.com

6. These dogs who refuse to let you upgrade to the next larger doggy bed size:

indie penny / Via instagram.com
mavispence / Via instagram.com

“No, no, this is very comfortable, I promise.”

8. These doggy dudes who know there is no size requirements for snuggles:

Alyssa Jeffery / Via instagram.com

10. This pup who insists the new weight is all muscle, thank you very much:

11. These buds who are wondering why you won’t just get in bed, there’s plenty of room:


13. This sweetie who is convinced the dog door has gotten smaller over the years, isn’t that just the strangest thing:

karibchum / Via instagram.com

14. This full grown dog who thinks it actually might be time to upgrade to a larger pool:

Taylor Woehle / Via instagram.com

15. And maybe even a bigger house:

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