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  • Black Theory [Short Film]

    Malik gets a little lost in his own head as he watches some thought provoking news segments. In the end he has trouble deciphering what he’s actually hearing or what he’s thinking.

  • Dear Buzzfeed, Hire Me

    In a perfect world, this lyrical resume won’t get thrown into a leaning pile of papers and maybe the human resource Gods will let me crack Buzzfeed’s impenetrable hierarchy.

  • What Love Would Look Like Without Smartphones

    Think of a 21st century utopian relationship where your significant other knows your eye color off the top of their head. Picture one of those idyllic affairs that you’ve always thought was too good to be true. You got it in your head? It should be easy to imagine and hard to experience; I’ve only seen it within the confines of a television screen. But that is what love would look like without the societal intrusion of Steve Jobs.

  • 4 Ways To Live Below Your Means

    To the cheap, poor, middle class members of society or in other words college graduates, the economy always seems to be on the decline. So we have constructed four ways to live below your means and save your money as Sallie Mae chops away at your paycheck.

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