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    10 Photo Stories That You Have To See

    Basically, behind the scenes of places you always wondered about, like the RNC, Foxconn, and a girls' night out in the Meatpacking District, to name a few.

    1. "24 Hours at the Foxconn Factory City" — BuzzFeed News

    Mari Bastashevski

    "Don’t expect to see photos of assembly lines and overworked employees from Mari Bastashevski’s 24 hours at this Chinese electronics factory. While these snaps show an environment devoid of the glamour of Apple and Microsoft offices, they give us a fresh look into the lives of the staff — at and outside work. These people are individuals and human, separate from the robotic nature of their jobs." —Anna Mendoza, photo editor, BuzzFeed Australia

    2. "These British Women Are All Survivors of Female Genital Mutilation" — BuzzFeed

    Jason Ashwood / DIIMEX

    "A collaboration between photographer Jason Ashwood and psychotherapist and FGM survivor Leyla Hussein, the Face of Defiance photography project is a series of portraits and interviews from survivors of female genital mutilation living in the UK. These black-and-white images are so powerful and executed so simply. The expressions captured are beautiful and complex.” —Dennis Huynh, Design Director, BuzzFeed News

    3. "A Girls’ Night Out in New York’s Meatpacking District" —Time

    Dina Litovsky / Redux

    "Dina Litovsky nailed it with this personal project. Litovsky spent three summers documenting the streets and nightlife scene of the Meatpacking District, observing the the relationship of female self-presentation and male observers. Her photos are exactly what you would picture: perfect, true, and amazing." —Jared Harrell, photo editor, BuzzFeed News

    4. "These Heartbreaking Photos Show What Life Is Like With an Eating Disorder" — BuzzFeed

    Marie Hald / Marie Hald/Moment/INSTITUTE

    "Marie Hald has creatively and bravely documented young girls with eating disorders in a small village town in the south of Poland. Hald captured the youth and energy of these young girls, despite their severe medical conditions. Her photos are super raw and very intimate, offering us an inside look at this horrible illness." —JH

    5. "Fashionable Flight Attendants and the Designers Who Made the Looks" — CNN

    SFO Museum

    "You can’t question Emilio Pucci for putting helmets on air hostesses. That was the ’60s, the glory days of flying, plus everyone was into the space travel aesthetic. But whether you embrace that look, or if sleek tailoring is more your cup of tea, this timeline of cabin attendant fashion gives us a good dose of nostalgia. And oh how far we’ve come." —AM

    6. "What It’s Really Like Behind the Scenes at the RNC" — BuzzFeed News

    Dina Litovsky for BuzzFeed News

    “Dina Litovsky is on fire right now! We sent her to the RNC to take a closer look at the folks working behind the scenes at the RNC. She was able to capture something special and unique despite being in the center of a media storm. The images we see are unique, stark, and at times a comical contrast between the front and back of house.” —DH

    7. "A Look at the Lives of Transgender Women in Indonesia" — Feature Shoot

    Giorgio Taraschi

    "This is what the safe space for transgender women in conservative Jakarta looks like. Giorgio Taraschi shows us that while the place isn’t glitzy and the square footage not generous, it gives plenty of hope for the people who need it most." —AM

    8. "Bizarre Double Exposures Perfectly Capture Election Chaos" — Wired

    Mark Abramson

    "This election, let's face it, has been something of a political circus wrapped in a media circus with a heavy side of weirdness. Mark Abramson's trippy photos stay true to this ethos of stylized pandemonium, overlaying ordinary scenes with political grandstanding and allowing the viewer to approach each frame as though it's a puzzle." —Kate Bubacz, senior photo editor, BuzzFeed News

    9. "Recalling Christ, Consumerism and Chile’s Coup" — New York Times

    Mauricio Toro-Goya

    "Part collage, part photograph, Toro-Goya's photos offer a smart commentary on Chilean society. The images pull equally from history and pop culture with an eye for detail and darkness that makes this series impossible to forget and irresistible to interpret." —KB

    10. "Portraits of Professional Santas Enjoying Their 'Off-Season'"PetaPixel

    Mary Beth Koeth

    "This photo project by Mary Beth Koeth is off the wall! Professional Santas in Florida are captured enjoying non-festive activities in the summer months when their expertise is not required. A highly unusual concept and wonderfully executed. The pictures are calming with soft tones and shadows. With the current trends for hipster beards, these Santas fit right in to society. Even in July, months away from Christmas, this is still a fascinating and quirky project." —Matt Tucker, picture editor, BuzzFeed UK