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    • Denis

      Yelena Isinbayeva is a prominent supporter of Vladimir Putin and a member of Putin’s infamous United Russia party; as her sport career is approaching its end, she’s going out of her way to demonstrate her loyalty that may well win her a lucrative seat in Russia’s corrupt government system bathing in oil money.  Nick Symmonds’ comment to BBC is far too kind, as extraordinary jumping abilities don’t make Isinbayeva a “well-educated woman” - she truly is as ignorant as her comments make her look. Like virtually all Russians, she’s unaware of basic facts about homosexuality. Like virtually all Russians, she believes that all people are heterosexual until some of them get tricked or forced to have gay sex which, like a zombie bite, turns them gay. Like virtually all Russians, she sees homosexuals as spoiled ex-straight sex predators who hunt straight teenagers, turning them gay by spreading “propaganda” - such as reliable scientific facts on homosexuality, demands for equality or support for victims of bullying. So who cares of her opinion on this issue? Athletes should listen to the plea of those suffering from the massive violence and humiliation unleashed with Isinbayeva’s calculated support.

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