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The 20 Best Coubs Of 2013

The most engaging coubs of 2013 collected all together. Source.

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20. These sad costumed dogs on Halloween

19. This bunny is taking a shower

18. This crazy physical education teacher exercise

17. Raoul Duke and co are chilling in the cabrio

16. These Hollaback chicken

15. This raccoon is stealing cat food

14. This hilarious japanese trailer

13. This baker cat

12. Obama is singing Get Lucky

11. This cat theft caught

10. This parrot proving that anything is more epic with explosions

9. This folk tale drum and bass

8. This is how real "Ice Ice Baby" video should look like

7. This cat photo turned into 3D

6. This Brooklyn Nets fan goes crazy

5. Hector Salamanca ringing the bell

4. These bears showing real rap battle skills

3. These P.I.M.P. soldiers

2. This dog Vine perfectly fitted by SOAD song

1. This sign interpreter of Mike Bloomberg

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