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9 Opportunities You Can Take On Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl is just a week away. And here are 9 things that you should definitely check out. Happy Super Bowl week!

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1. Buy new U2 ‘Invisible’ song to help fight Aids

You can help fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Just download new U2 song ‘Invisible’ on iTunes for free during the first 24 hours after the Super Bowl commercial airs and Bank of America will do the rest which means it will donate $1 to the Global Fund for each download of the song.

2. Bet on Peyton Manning’s legendary ‘Omaha’ word


You can get some easy money in a funny way. There is a whole bunch of Super Bowl prop bets set by Bovada among which you’ll see some specials for this year that are so much fun. ‘Omaha’ is one of them and it is about Peyton Manning's passion for this word. Go ahead, bet on how many times he will say it during the Super Bowl.

3. Make Beckham strip down right on your big screen

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It’s been two years since Beckham’s first Super Bowl ad for H&M. This time he goes nearly nude and it’s all on you if he is #covered or #uncovered in a new Super Bowl spot. H&M promise to show Beckham in never-before-seen positions. It’s time to make a choice.

4. Watch the first Super Bowl likely to be played in the snow

It will be the first Super Bowl to be held outdoors in the cold. So there is a chance for you to watch the first ‘Snow Bowl’ in history as the game has already been baptized. However Super Bowl could be moved to Saturday or Monday if weather gets worse.

5. Tell countless weed jokes

You can crack couple ‘Marijuana Bowl’ jokes until it’s not so yesterday as both teams that are in the Super Bowl represent the only states with legalized marijuana. Don’t waste your time, crack it.

6. Enjoy an outstanding performance

For those who love music as much as football, here is a double pleasure. Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers will perform at Super Bowl halftime show. If you are not a big fan of football, well, at least you can enjoy the music.

7. Form a new habit


If you have never seen ‘New Girl’ or ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, you should probably try it out. It goes right after the Big Game and it seems like the best way for you to calm down after the four-hour stress.

8. Get a blast from the past

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Here is your dose of nostalgia for Sunday. Three TV legends of ‘Full House’ cast are back together in a Super Bowl ad for Oikos Greek Yogurt. It may seem a bit dirty so just check it out.

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