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27 Times In 'True Detective' When Matthew McConaughey Proved His Is The Most Perfect Man Alive

Seriously, this guy was born to be perfect.

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1. Every time he explains his believes

2. Whenever he is concentrated

3. That time he woke up

4. When he puts his legs like this

5. When he was wearing a singlet

6. When he is on the case

7. When he showed off his dancing skills


8. And when he got appreciation for looking damngod perfect from another man

9. When he drives

10. When he is confident which means always

11. Two words: No cocktails

12. When he knows how not to be annoying

13. When he was honest with others …


14. … and himself

15. Whenever he gives one of his speeches

16. When he made it perfectly clear

17. When he was a good listener

18. When he knows how to make you fall for him

19. When he winked at you

20. When he makes one of his jokes

21. When he has this mysterious look

22. And this one


23. When he smokes like that in the dark

24. When this

25. When he was drunk and still perfect


26. When he doubts everything

27. Basically all the time


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