21 Questions Russian People Are Sick Of Answering

“Are there bears walking on the streets?”

1. “Do you drink vodka every day?”

Of course, we use it instead of the water here.

2. “Do you use samovar?”

Wait… Are you going to tell me there is another way to drink tea?

3. “Are there bears walking on the streets?”

Yep. I usually go for a walk with my bear in the afternoon.

4. “Did you play with matreshka?”

How could I not play with the only toy in the country?

5. “Are there babushki everywhere?”

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Babushki are the whole population. They are constantly hanging out wherever you go.

6. “Are you from KGB?”

Hehe, you’d better beware!

7. “Do you wear a fur coat?”

I just have to as there is winter all year round. I even have a herring under fur coat for dinner.

8. “Are you good at playing balalaika?”

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I had a garage band my bears at college, but now I’m more focused on drinking vodka.

9. “Do you live in izba?”

Aha. This is my cozy lair in the middle of the forest.

10. “Are there tanks on the roads?”

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Not so much, but usually you meet a couple while driving to work.

11. “Do you wear ushanka?”

Always. Can’t spend a minute without it in that freeze.

12. “I have a toast. Na zdorovie, am I saying it right?”

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I’m not sure anyone has ever used it this way back in Russia.

13. “Are you climbing buildings?”

Sure, this is the one and only outdoor activity. Everyone is climbing buildings here.

14. “Do you wear valenki?”

How can you ask? Ushanka, fur coat and valenki are indivisible outfit.

15. “Are you afraid of Russian Mafia?”

I am myself Russian Mafia. Boo.

16. “Do you have AK-47?”

Yup. Just bought a brand new one from the latest collection.

17. “Do you really cover the walls with a carpet?”

I cover EVERYTHING with a carpet, dude.

18. “Are you squat dancing?”

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Sure, we regularly have squat dance battles with my buddies.

19. “Is there a caviar bowl for every festive dinner?”

Just for every dinner actually.

20. “Are winters cold in Russia?”

Haven’t you heard it has emigrated to the US?

21. “Do all the cars come out equipped with dashboard cams?”

Not only cars.

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