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Who's Who In Online Dating

So I've done the online dating thing and I've discovered a few things about the online dating community; some funny, some scary, some sad but all true!!

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1. Happily ever afterers


This person lives in a fantasy world thinking if you want what they want you can meet the same day, hook up that night, and get the marriage license the next day. Make sure you check the medicine cabinets at their place......

2. Possible Serial Killer

You talk to them a few times and they just seem like they're trying to lure you by playing cool. They will try treats, tricks, trips.....guilt trips anything to suck you in to their web of weariness. Shucks! If they could put out a trail of bread crumbs that led to a heated oven I swear you'd end up in a pot pie. It's that subtle passive aggressive manipulation that you have to look out for.

3. The Griever

So they have an ex. He or she really left them feeling some kind of way. It's very likely they are the victim and they need you to distract them from their obsessive thoughts about where their ex is and what they are doing...... While they secretly still like every pic on their ex's 20 social media accounts. They need rehab and you are not the doctor.

4. The Social Scientist

This person uses dating apps to analyze the opposite sex and faults. They will make jokes about their experiences, not like I'm doing, I really am looking for love. Hey, maybe they are too, but too ashamed to admit that this is their decided course of action. ANYWAY! Watch this one, they have a lot to hide and they are likely not ready for more than casual encounters. They can't even admit they are hoping to find love.

5. The Fleshmonger

Some people just want to hook up. Hey, do you and him...and her.... and him... and her... and be safe!!!

6. The Skeptic

This one here is like Lydia from Beetlejuice. They see the charcoal lining to every cloud. No one is cute enough, smart enough or weird enough. They probably don't even like them selves. They go online to tear other people apart, it's not even for fun for them. They just don't believe anything good could come of this.

7. Wild Card

This person is single, attractive, intelligent, disease free, relatively content with their life, and just looking for a genuine connection. Don't forget you actually have to look up from your phone or computer to leave the house to meet this person....This just might be love at first sight/site.

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