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Which Sean Combs Are You?

Most of us grow but few of us get to reinvent ourselves more than once. Sean Combs on the other hand is a master metamorph. Where do you fit in on his evolutionary timeline?

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Are you Puff Daddy?

Do you prefer to stay in the background and motivate your friends to be great.......... while dressed in all black like the Omen? Oh and do you occasionally feel compelled to tap dance in puddles?

Are you Puffy?

Do you like to be in the mix with your friends and have a great time? Maybe you dress to impress. Have you gone as far as to wear a shiny suit, in any color? After all someone did say "I shine! You shine!"

Are you P. Diddy?

Have you found yourself breaking away from the pack? Are you feeling like you have your own voice, style, and you need to let the world know? Have you finally gotten too cool for school?? No more velour suits for you!

Are you Diddy?

Are you shedding an initial at a time in order to refine yourself? Have you awakened feeling refreshed like you may've been dipped in the Lake Minnetonka? Do you feel like you're so fresh and so clean-clean? It was so nice you had to say it twice and of course you're compelled to wear white...... lots of it! I bet if we check your internet history you're pricing jet planes.

Are you Dr. Combs?

Have you finally figured out that you weren't too cool for school? It was that you were too cool for class! You've grown up a lil more. You've figured out a way to fall back a bit. You are sitting watching your dreams grow and you're reaping what you've sown. Those along the way are taking time to remind you where you've been and you're enjoying the journey.

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