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Rainy Days In NYC

Some of us love the rain while others hate it, but where we all agree is there are just some things that we can expect on a rainy day.

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lake size puddles

you may get to the corner of the block and your destination is in your sights but you have the challenge of figuring out how to overcome the lake at the curb where you are trying to cross the street.

damp jeans for hours

so you get to work, school, or on your train (where ever you're off to) and you have to sit around in wet jeans. Solutions: don't wear denim or pants for that matter. Unless you're Beckham and wearing them like this

maybe i can just walk right through it

well with all the potholes in NYC streets I'd suggest that if you can't see the bottom of the puddle, WALK AROUND IT! Shoot, even if you are driving, drive around it. Just take my word for it.

subway sauna

it's bad enough that we think the subway is the filthiest place but with all of that moisture going we have entered the subway sauna. nice soupy puddles, slippery floors, and moisture from no clearly identifiable sources.

the city bus ride from hell

the escape hatch on the roof is leaking, rain is coming in from the CLOSED windows, and the floor is like a slip and slide. at some point you begin to feel like you're on a sinking ship

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