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“Gimme your lunch money!!”

Have we become a bully culture?

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Back in my day bullies had no authority beyond the cafeteria, the playground, or the school bus. Of course then that seemed like the entire world to me. I have a unique story about me finally taking a bully roughing them up but that's not the point here….. Anyway, nowadays bullies are enabled further by extending their reach beyond school related vehicles and venues. They have social media!!!!

Oooh yea and media. Media, the tool that revolutionaries used to inform, educate and galvanize has been turned into a strong arm. At least our playground bullies wanted our lunch money and we could spare ourselves bumps and bruises by yielding to their terror. They were able to be appeased and if not, at the very least policed.

We have become overly permissive by under utilizing our authority. TMZs, Worldstar, and Mediatakeouts are allowed to "feed the animals". From the white bronco to the elevator melee, the buffet of dysfunction eats away at us from the inside out. You are what eat……intrusive, assuming, irresponsible, double-talking, contrary, corrosive, abusive, divisive, permissive and corrupt. Our celebrities are merely regular people with big dreams and bigger money. The things we hide daily they are wondering how long they'll be able to hide. Their personal private lives are played out before millions and we act like ravenous beasts when something private is aired out. We are becoming a culture of bullies "gimme what's rightfully yours and I'll embarrass/shame you while taking it". Just a bunch of big brokenhearted kids discontent with their lives and lack of achievement.

I think we need to go on a diet, put the remote down and log off. Love on.

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