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The Ultimate Caribbean Dancehall Quiz

27 questions that only true dancehall fans can answer.

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How well do you know one of the Caribbean's most popular genres?

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Dancehall music is a staple of Caribbean culture, originating in Jamaica and enjoyed throughout the region. With this new generation of hip-hop stars like Drake turning to islands for inspiration, many younger music fans seem to be under the impression that their borrowed (read, Columbused) sounds truly represent dancehall music. In fact, many islanders refuse to acknowledge any version of Controlla where Popcaan is not present. Therefore, to weed out the true fans from the bandwagonists, we've come up with the ultimate dancehall quiz. How well do you know your dancehall?

  1. "XOXO ______"

    Gossip Girl
    My love is very special"
    Hugs and kisses!
  2. "Spin me like a satellite dish". Who originated this phrase?

    Direct TV
    Vybz Kartel and Spice
  3. Which colored rodent liked seeing ladies in "Tight Up Skirts"?

    Red Rat
    Black Mouse
    Grey 'gouti
    Silver Squirrel
  4. What is the name of Romie's big fat sister?

  5. What did Lady Saw do to your man?

    Fight him
    Dance with him
    Teach him how to dougie
    Train him
  6. From the previous question, how did she claim you responded?

    You are content
    You are so ungrateful
    You are forever in her debt
    You are crying
  7. "5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, _____ stab". What number follows next in the sequence?

    one million
  8. In what direction do you pass the 'dutchie'?

    Left-hand side
    Right-hand side
  9. A popular dance once erupted named after an amphibian. What was the name of this dance?

    Salamander slide
    Tadpole tunup
    Tusty Toad
    Frog Back
  10. "Shuffle di deck me ah di ____ inna di pack"

  11. "What you gonna say, what you gonna do?"

    Shake yuh bam bam
    Stab it
  12. If you have something to tell Lady Saw, where should you 'chat it'

    Under the sycamore tree
    In yuh man car
    Inna de S class
    To her back
  13. When Spice and her secret lover 'had cheating lock', under which tree was he supposed to meet her?

    Almond tree
    Sycamore tree
    Mango tree
  14. For years it seemed Sean Paul could only do one dance. That dance was the _____

    Nuh Linga
    Raging Bull
    Willy Bounce
    Chicken dance
  15. "You roll with Jesus Christ, me have ____ disciples."

    A dozen
    None. Mi nuh trust man.
  16. What happens when them a par inna chi chi man car?

    They don't have to walk home?
    They learn to respect people regardless of sexuality?
    Fire mek we bun dem!
  17. Baby Cham prevented his lover from what kind of vitamin deficiency?

    Vitamin D
    Vitamin S
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin A
  18. Leftside and Esco encouraged the young lady to tuck in her ____?

    Children and kiss them goodnight.
  19. Which two wild animals had a track about their similar sound and their criminal acts?

    Giraffe & antelope
    Tiger & Lion
    Zebra & antelope
    Zebra & tiger
  20. What proportion of Lady Saw's problems are men?

    The least
    The most
  21. When speaking about Maxine, Chaka Demus and Pliers warned us that she had a pretty face and what other characteristic?

    Ugly toes
    Smelly weave
    Bad character
    Crazy mother
  22. "A OPAL, HOTTA BALL AN_________!!!!!!!!!!"

    New York
  23. Where does Movado engage in sexual activity?

    Inna di car back
    On di dresser
    On the bed
    In the club
  24. If J. Capri (RIP) invited you out, where would you pull up?

    To her house
    To the club
    To her man's house
    To her bumpa
  25. Macka Diamond is planning a birthday party. Which items are in her basket?

    A hula hoop and some dye dye dye
    Balloons and streamers
    Red solo cups
  26. On what kind of footwear is the leather hard, the suede soft and a toothbrush to get dust off fast?

    Desert Boots
  27. FINAL QUESTION! Budubyebudubyebudubye _______

    Is that English?
    Pon di bike back
    boom bye bye

The Ultimate Caribbean Dancehall Quiz

You must be new here.

This isn't your genre of choice. You may have followed Drake to the island side and explored a little but keep listening, and you'll get there! You may be a bandwagonist, but at least you're on the wagon!

You must be new here.
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Casual listener

You've heard dancehall before but wouldn't call yourself a fan. You know some of the most popular hits and maybe picked up on something from your Caribbean friends but this is not your forte. In a serious dancehall argument, you'd do best to sit on the sidelines. (Or you're under the age of 14 and half of these questions were before your time)

Casual listener
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You're a fan!

You know your dancehall! You may not be a dancehall historian but you know your songs! Gully vs. Gaza, Lady Saw's lifestyle change and the years of dance crews debuting the newest moves, whether Gully Creeper or Raging Bull - you know your dancehall.

You're a fan!
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YOU NOT NEW TO THIS! YOU TRUE TO THIS! You can debate the most seasoned fans with facts and receipts. You know the words, beat and ad libs to more songs than you can remember and have been listening since you were probably too young for it to be appropriate. Old, school, new school and throwbacks, you know your dancehall like the back of your hand. World Boss would be proud.

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