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Updated on Jul 18, 2020. Posted on Jul 14, 2020

This Is Spooky, But We Can Guess What Country, Color, And Animal You're Thinking Of With 100% Accuracy (For Real)

Mind = blown

  1. Pick a number from 1 – 10.

    No decimals and only positive numbers, 1 and 10 included.

  2. Now, multiply your number by 9. Got the number? Now, add those digits together and click the number you get below!

    For example, I chose 7 so I do 7x9=63 and then did 6+3 which equals 9.

  3. Now, subtract 5 from the number you got in the last question.

    From my example above, I got the number 9, so 9-5=4.

  4. Now, use the following key to discover your letter. Once you find it, go ahead and click on it and keep it in mind.

  5. Ok, now think of a country that starts with your letter. Do you have your country?

    E.g: if you had 7, your letter is G, so think of a country that begins with G.

  6. Now, think of an animal that begins with the last letter of your country. Got it? Don't forget it!

    E.g: if you had G, you could have the country Greece so think of an animal that begins with E because Greece ends in an E, e.g: Elephant.

  7. Lastly, think of a color that starts with the last letter of your animal. Got the color in mind?

    If you had elephant, you need a color that begins with T, e.g: Teal.

  8. Do you have (1) your color, (2) your animal, and (3) your country?

  9. And lastly, are you ready to have your mind blown?

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