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    27 Reasons To Love The '90s

    Everyone knows I'm obsessed.

    1. Spice World

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    Best. Movie. Ever. I totally thought the inside of their double-decker bus was real. That thing was gigantic.

    2. Posing like Posh

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    I would pose like her on family vactions. I would be at Sea World and my whole family would be smiling and I was totally Posh posing. I was literally like 5.

    3. Titanic-era Leonardo DiCaprio


    This is kind of embarrassing, but I used to dream about Leonardo DiCaprio. I think we just made out, but back then for me that was a lot.

    4. Chris Kirkpatrick

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    He was my favorite in NSYNC.

    5. AJ McLean

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    Favorite member of Backstreet Boys. I liked the bad boys.

    6. Tommy Pickles


    I loved Tommy! Tommy was the smart one. I also liked Chuckie. I couldn’t stand Angelica. Team Pickles.

    7. Chokers

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    I went through a '90s phase last fall. Everything I bought and owned was '90s. I bought chokers and platform shoes.

    8. Keenan And Kel


    Loved that show. Favorite Nickelodeon show. Also loved Alex Mack and All That.

    9. Eminem's performance at VMAs

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    Best VMA performance ever.

    10. Blossom


    She was my favorite Powerpuff Girl. My mom had red hair, so she was the best to me.

    11. Billy Madison

    Definitely my favorite Adam Sandler movie.

    12. AIM

    I had so many screen names. My most memorable one was "Little Kelly" because I was obsessed with Kelly Clarkson. I also had "Demilicious" and "Starbucks Babe." When you’re in middle school you go through, like, a million of those. Also “Smarterchild" was great.

    13. Hit Clips


    I was on a Hit Clips commercial but I can’t find it anywhere! I booked it as a featured extra and all of a sudden I was the lead of the commercial. It was the best day of my life. I’ve tried looking. I can’t find it. And yes, I played them over and over.

    14. Orange tapes


    I will always love these!!

    15. French Toast Crunch


    They don't make it anymore!

    16. Inflatable furniture


    I totally had this stuff.

    17. These spoons


    Totally had these too.

    18. Sky Dancers

    Via Facebook: Sky-Dancers

    I still have them at my house in Texas. I’m obsessed with them. On the second story of my house there’s a balcony overlooking the living room, and I let them fly to see how crazy high they could go.

    19. This book

    I need this book!

    20. Junie B. Jones books


    21. Good Burger

    I wore that VHS out. This movie was bomb!

    22. Levar Burton


    One of the first times I got starstruck was when I met him.

    23. Model Behavior


    Best Disney Channel original movie ever.

    24. The Fresh Prince theme song

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    I still obviously know all of the words.

    25. Sabrina

    Sabrina was my favorite show on TGIF.

    26. 98 Degrees

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    98 Degrees was my favorite out of all of the boy bands. They were more of the bad boys. I see Nick everywhere now, too. We’re always running into each other. If you told me when I was 6 or 7 that I would be cool with Nick I wouldn't have believed it. It's just really funny. I wouldn't have believed you.

    27. Hey Arnold

    Best cartoon. Also Proud Family.

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