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    Apple Juice Is Trending And The Twitter War Has Commenced

    Apples versus Oranges. Who will win? This is for the Editorial Fellowship

    On Sunday evening, August 9, 2020, one of the most iconic Twitter wars of all time began. We have no idea why, how, or who it started, but people from all depths of the Internet jumped online to fight in favor of Apple Juice. That's right, the stuff your mom would hand you, nicely packaged in a juice box when you were a child was being hyped up by users of all ages. Shortly after "Apple Juice" was trending, the opposition, pro-orange-juicers we shall call them, were up in arms about the claims being made. Below is coverage from the front lines of the great apple juice debate:

    The first punch was thrown. Orange juice took a big hit with this Chum Bucket comparison. Little hope for recovery.

    The facts quickly began to flood in.

    What the world would look like if we decided Apple Juice was the breakfast drink

    We were given options, just not the option for oranges.

    Since apple juice is trending and I consider myself an apple juice connoisseur...I’d like to present my top 3 picks 🧃🍎

    Everyone got their time to shine...

    me knowing that both apple juice and wanda are trending and getting the credit they deserve

    But some were too caught up in the logistics to have fun.

    Why is apple juice trending as a food when it’s a drink 🤔

    As things started to get more intense, the memers took a stab at things.

    me: *starts drinking apple juice* everyone at the urine sample:

    Others were ~wholesomely~ excited...

    i was drinking my apple juice on the porch today, and i saw a butterfly!

    And some were just as excited too... however, slightly less ~wholesome~

    Then the pranksters entered the ring.

    Fond childhood memories came flooding in as well.

    5yo me after drinking apple juice in wine glass

    Then there was a quick refresher course on the basics of respecting others.

    y’all gotta learn the difference between opinion and fact. opinion: i prefer apple juice over orange juice fact: gon is not a bad or evil character, he is just misunderstood because everyone expects him to deal with his trauma in a mature way as if he isn’t a twelve year old

    The F.B.I agents began to operate at expert level.

    Apple juice is trending after I literally just drank apple juice. These advertisers are getting much more advanced with their tactics

    And the influencers joined those on the front lines.

    We received solid evidence that the children of today are still drinking "the best breakfast juice of all time."

    Some may need to amend their online-dating profiles after this.

    if you don’t got apple juice in your fridge i don’t respect u as a man

    Me: *quickly runs to the store for some apple juice so I can pretend to be in with the cool kids*

    none hit better after a long day at kindergarten and going to sip on this apple juice after😋😩