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12 Ways To Make Cleaning Fun (No, Really!)

Grab that broom and let's go! Remember that any mess is a #HappiMess with Delta Faucet.

1. First of all, you gotta start out with a little song and dance.

2. Get your feet involved. Throw on these mop slippers if you take cleaning your floor really seriously:

3. Let the kids mop up anything you may have missed.

4. And if you don't have any little ones to lend a helping hand, there's always this:

5. These dessert sponges will make wiping up extra sweet.

6. Get the pets involved.

7. Unfortunately, they can't all be this helpful:

8. Get these dusters and brushes — they'll help you remember to smile despite the mess!

9. Throw on one of these sassy aprons to keep your clothes clean (and your helpers in check):

Let 'em know how you feel!

10. Get a little "mad" and mix your own homemade cleaning remedies.

11. Avoid situations like this one with a little knowledge:

12. And if all else fails, teach your Roomba how to play "keep away" from your bunny rabbit.