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11 Affordable Kitchen Utensils That Will Change Your Life

You need all of these. STAT. For countless other inspiring kitchen tips, visit Delta Faucet’s Inspired Living website.

1. A cutting board that helps you measure.

Imagine all the perfectly sized carrot slivers. Swoon.

2. An onion holder.

This will guide your knife into making clean, even slices, and it also doubles as an odor reducer.

3. A corn on the cob scraper.


Corn salads will no longer be a pain to make.

4. A fresh herb grinder.


This grinder will allow you to quickly shred your fresh herbs while you're finishing up your dish!

5. Circles that measure how much spaghetti you should use.

This will end your terrible anxiety that you're making way too much spaghetti.

6. A mango cutter.


Not only will you get optimal mango pieces, but you'll no longer have to fear the mango slipping onto the floor, leaving you in tears.

7. A jalepeño de-seeder.

This finally puts you in control of how spicy your dish is.

8. Cake batter dispenser.


No more lopsided cupcakes! This dispenser will make you a proud baker.

9. A strainer top.


This'll allow you to keep the pasta in the pot so you have one less thing to clean.

10. A julienne slicer.

Your days of feeling inadequate in the julienne department will be over.

11. And these amazing sunny-side up egg separators.


No more need to separate sunny-side up eggs and accidentally pierce the yolk. Congratulations!