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10 Most Iconic Movie Scenes Ever To Take Place In The Bathroom

Believe it or not, some of the most memorable movie magic has come straight outta the loo. Make your own bathroom magic—visit Delta Faucet's Inspired Living website for 100s of decorating ideas.

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1. Like father, like sons.

Buena Vista Pictures / Everett Collection

In the Wes Anderson classic, The Royal Tenenbaums, a few different notable scenes take place in the john, but our favorite is when we get to see the dad (Ben Stiller) shave in unison with his two almost identical sons, Ari and Uzi.

2. "You got the wrong guy. I'm The Dude, man."

Gramercy Pictures / Everett Collection

In the Coen Bros' The Big Lebowski, The Dude (Jeff Bridges) gets confused for a man of the same surname who owes somebody a lotta money. Loan sharks surprise The Dude at his door, ruin his rug, and shove his head in the "pool" demanding he pay his debts. The Dude is simply confused.

3. Torn off the toilet.

Universal / Everett Collection

In Jurassic Park, after the dinos get loose, one unlucky man has the misfortune of running into a ginormous T-rex while "dropping the kids off at the pool." The menacing T-rex breaks down the building, revealing the little man seated inside, before plucking him off his throne and chewing him up!

4. It's her turn.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Everett Collection

In Black Swan, after fiercely competing for the role of Swan Queen, Nina (Natalie Portman) finally wins the part. She calls her mom from a bathroom stall to tell her the good news — emerging later only to find that a few of her fellow dancers may not exactly share her joy.

5. A bath fit for a queen.

Touchstone Pictures / Everett Collection

In Pretty Woman, during perhaps the most iconic (and adorable) bathroom scene of them all, tart-with-a-heart Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) finally has a taste of how the other half lives. While her rich new man friend is hard at work, she soaks away all of her troubles in a bubble bath fit for a king.

6. "Are you talkin' to me??"

Gramercy Pictures / Everett Collection

La Haine follows three hotheaded friends who are battling growing racial tensions in their impoverished Parisian suburb. In this scene that references Scorsese's Taxi Driver, Vince rehearses his schtick in the bathroom mirror for what he would say (read: do) to the police if they ever unjustly approached him on the street.

7. One baaad bubble bath.

Universal / Everett Collection

Tony Montana (Al Pacino), mob boss in organized crime classic Scarface, can make anything look cool — even taking a bubble bath. He soaks his troubles away while watching a news anchor on TV discuss Miami's out-of-control problem with organized crime.

8. Toilet full of wonders.

Channel Four Films / Everett Collection

In cult classic Trainspotting, when Renton (Ewan McGregor) mistakenly drops a couple of choice keepsakes into the toilet, his only choice is to reach in and grab them... or is it? Instead of just reaching Renton dives into the toilet, revealing a vast and imaginative underwater world the exists beneath the toilet bowl.

9. Eek. Eek. Eek.

Mary Evans / Ronald Grant / Everett Collection

In Hitchcock's Psycho, we are introduced to the Bates Motel, a creepy motel with a dark history. Marion, a young criminal, seeks refuge at the haunting motel only to be knifed down in the shower after getting a little too comfortable with the motel owners.

10. Bathtub full of rose petals.

DreamWorks Pictures / Everett Collection

In American Beauty, Frank Underwood dreams up exotic fantasies that star his daughter's nearly legal best friend. In one particular fantasy, he meets her in a steamy bathroom where she's bathing in a tub filled with rose petals. She beckons him over... until he's shaken awake and caught slippin' by his wife.