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15 Things That Every Wisconsin Badger Has Done At Least Once

Keep protecting that Axe, Badgers, and keep your eye on the prize. When you're ready to conquer the world, Delta will get you there.

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2. Made New Year's resolutions to go to the SERF more.

Little did you know that 72% of campus made that commitment too.

4. Cheered on Bucky as he beasted through some pushups.

Throw back Thursday! #tbt #istillgotit #OnWisconsin

5. Eaten all the bacon your belly can handle at the Wando's bacon night.

"I'll have all the bacons with a side of bacon, sir."

6. Worn five-plus layers during the winter.

Instagram: @tomsouzajr

Hoping and wishing daily that the temperature would reach about 0 degrees.

7. And snagged one of these guys to go sledding.

Instagram: @loganreigstad

Bascom Hill, here we come.

9. Watched the sunrise with your girl Helen C. White.

Instagram: @tanshoesandpinkshoelaces

Final at 9 a.m. "Hello, Helen, my old friend. I've come to study once again."

10. Celebrated your birthday at the Nitty Gritty.

Instagram: @abbi

Why yes, sir, it IS my birthday.

12. Taken a selfie with Abe.

Instagram: @estyczzie

And sat in his lap for your cap and gown Snapchat.

13. Definitely "hung out" with some athletes at the KK.

Instagram: @madhattersuw

And had all the brags to share with your family when you came home.

A cappella groups are athletes, right? It takes serious training to have pipes like that.

14. Made the daring move to walk (and slip) on Lake Mendota.

Bonus points for an epic game of pickup Pond Hockey.

15. Bragged to your Minnesota friends about having the Axe.

Instagram: @uwmadison

For 12 years at that. 31–21 son. Never forget!

UW prepares you to take on the world, and Delta can help you get there.

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