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10 Reasons Penn State Students Are Going To Take Over The World

You wear your blue and white with pride and you rise to every occasion that comes your way. When you're ready to take on the world, Delta will get you there.

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1. You recognize true art when you see it, and you'll go to great lengths to chase it down.

The magic that is the smell of warm butter & cinnamon in my house right now... #grilledsticky #psu #love

Luckily, grilled stickies are available 24 hours a day at Ye Olde College Diner, making your pursuit of perfection that much easier.

7. You've debated every aspect of everything with townies.

Sheila Young / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr: 121947257@N06

Whether tailgating or on the CATA bus, every detail of whether the Lions could take the Eagles or the Steelers or...whichever team, really, is always up for discussion.

8. You can survive any living situation.

Instagram: @shannonholzer

Because the bonds you make in the East Halls freshman year will get you through anything.

From rummaging through sheaves in Pattee to cheering on Lions over Beaver Stadium greens and beyond, the world is at your fingertips — and Delta can connect every Nittany Lion to the world.

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