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11 Reasons Notre Dame Students Are Winning The College Game

When people talk about powerhouses, the words "Notre Dame" usually come up — and they're not just talking about out on the field. Wherever you’re headed in life, Delta connects the Fighting Irish to the world.

1. Avoiding the steps for four years takes an incredible amount of discipline.

2. And one sentence is enough to sum up all four years.

3. Bookstore basketball welcomes other colleges into timeless healthy competition and tradition.

4. A sculpture course barely requires walking far around campus.

And then get the advanced lesson over in the Snite Museum's gorgeous Sculpture Park.

5. Winning the Fisher Regatta takes courage.

Or it at least takes the skills to build your floatation device from scratch.

6. Volunteer work can be both fun and dirty.

7. Everyone's in really great shape...

8. ...and so clean too!

9. The weather trains everyone to live anywhere.

10. Though it makes it hard to leave.

11. An Tostal reminds us that it can't be all work and no play.

Grilling out on Fieldhouse Mall for #AnTostal

Take the week off. You earned it.

So as the blue and gold helps you reach for the incredible and unique, let Delta ensure no one ever stops you.

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