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14 Signs No One Can Stop You

You're determined, you're driven, you're unstoppable... You're going places, and Delta Airlines wants to help you get there.

1. All your friends are total rockstars.

2. To you, age is just a number.

3. What other people think of you matters, but it doesn't dictate.

4. Insomnia is regular, and you've learned how to use it for good.

5. Fear doesn't prohibit you; it permits you to achieve.

6. You have more passion projects than you can count.

7. People are convinced you have 26 hours in a day, not 24.

8. You don't compare yourself to other people.

9. You make to-do lists, but you also make have-done lists.

10. No is not a finite answer, but a challenge.

11. You're constantly looking at how to improve things around you.

12. You don't believe in clichés like "When one door closes..."

13. Failure is a motivator — not an inhibitor.

14. You don't believe in luck.

You're going places, and Delta wants to help you get there.

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