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10 Things Your Teachers Know You're Doing Behind Their Backs

And you thought you were SO sneaky! Teachers know EVERYTHING. So instead of sneaking around, Dell thinks you should learn some new tricks and do better than these folks. #LearnItDoIt

1. First of all, they always know when you're passing notes:

Ripping paper and folding paper makes noise! No one seems to remember!

2. And no matter what kind of "hack" you invent, they always know when you're cheating:

Everyone has their own special tell.

3. In fact, they even know when you're just thinking about cheating.

Don't ask how, they just know.

4. They also have a sixth sense that tells them when you're distracting other students:

You may be in the hallway, but that doesn't mean you're safe there.

5. As for texting, it's pretty easy to know when you're doing that, too:

It's amazing what good sleuths they can be!

6. They can also spot a student who is rushing to finish the homework that's due at the end of class very, very easily:

It's the person who hasn't made any eye contact with anyone during the entire period.

7. And they know when your hand is raised, even if they don't call on you:

It's because they don't want to hear what you have to say.

8. Just like Santa Claus, they know when you're sleeping:

The noises you make are unmistakable, you know.

9. They know when you're packing up your stuff, and they HATE IT:

If only zipping a zipper were a silent endeavor!

10. And they DEFINITELY know whenever you're feeling disrespectful.

Especially when they're, like, facing you.