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10 Things Everyone Fumbles On The First Day Of School

Nothing goes according to plan. The first day of school is always nerve-racking, but Dell wants you to know that even if you do slip up, just learn from your mistakes and do better next time! #LearnItDoIt

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1. On the absolute worst day possible, you forget to wear deodorant.


Better believe you'll be wearing deodorant on day two!

2. You made it to class with a few minutes to spare, class begins, everything is going well, and then... you realize you're in the wrong class.


Well done on being early, at least!

3. You swore never to be that person who gets locked out of their locker, but what do you know... it's the first day of school, and you have NO idea what your combo is.


As long as you get it right next time, we'll overlook this one.

4. The one day your phone wasn't on vibrate HAD to be the first day of school. With that crazy teacher everyone warned you about.


You knew you were supposed to, and you even thought you did, but of course, it goes off — and at the worst possible moment.

5. Your teacher is taking attendance and mispronounces your name, but since you're so shy, you don't correct them. BAD MOVE.


You fail to do this on day one, and you suffer for the rest of the semester.

6. It's a tough start when you're in class and find out that teachers CAN assign homework before the school year even starts.


Of course, to the teachers, learning is a full-time commitment!

7. You slept eight hours the night before, swearing that you wouldn't sleep in class this year. But then you fall asleep in 3rd period. Nice.


Geometry proofs are only so tolerable. Guess you'll just have to learn while doing your homework then!

8. It never fails. Somehow, your gym uniform managed NOT to get packed as you headed out the door.


On the plus side, you'll be able to miss the awkward locker room conversations on the first day!

9. You're a year older and wiser, so it's time to score with those cuties in the cafeteria. NOT. / Via

In your head, it worked out seamlessly. In real life though, pick-up lines just don't work as well as they should. Better luck next time.

10. You don't answer a question in class? You're the weird shy kid for the rest of the year. You answer a question in class? Know-it-all.


So much for making a good first impression on the first day of school. There's always next year.