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Paid PostPosted on Jul 27, 2011

The 10 Most Infamous Computer Viruses

The internet is all fun and games until you get a computer virus. And then all hell breaks loose. It's not a bird, or a plane but your I.T. superhero that will save the day. Even the most malicious computer virus won't stand a chance, and here's a look at the most infamous. Join all the other virus fighting I.T. pros over at!

  • 1. "The Bug" (Presented By Dell)

    Fact: "The Bug" may seem like a deadly computer virus, but with the expertise of your I.T. pro, you are in good hands. Source

  • 2. Happy99


    Fact: Also known as "Ska", the virus spread through email attachments. Once infected, animated fireworks and a "Happy New Year" message were shown. Source

  • 3. MELISSA


    Fact: Melissa was written by David L. Smith in Aberdeen Township, New Jersey, and named after a dancer he encountered in Florida. Source

  • 4. Michelangelo


    Fact: Each year, the virus remained dormant until March 6, the birthday of Renaissance artist Michelangelo. Source

  • 5. Creeper


    Fact: The Creeper virus would look for a machine on the network, transfer to it, and display the message "Im the creeper, catch me if you can!"

  • 6. Code Red

    Code Red

    Fact: The worm was named the .ida "Code Red" worm because Code Red Mountain Dew was what they were drinking at the time. Source

  • 7. Form


    Fact: The Form virus is arguably the most common virus in the world for a period during the early 1990s. Source

  • 8. Brain


    Fact: The Brain Virus was considered to be the first computer virus for MS-DOS. Source



    Fact: The worm would arrive with the simple subject of "ILOVEYOU" and an attachment "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU." Source

  • 10. Chernobyl a.k.a Spacefiller

    Chernobyl a.k.a Spacefiller

    Fact: The name "Chernobyl Virus" was coined some time after the virus was already well-known as CIH. Source