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The 10 Most Evil Robots In History

These robots are pure evil. Don't let their metallic exterior fool you. To keep the evil robot overlords away, stick with Dell. Join other I.T. pros at to stop the destructive robots.

  • 1. The Robot Computer From Hell

  • 2. Decepticon Robots

    Decepticon Robots

    The evil robots from Transformers

  • 3. Mechagodzilla


    The robot form of Godzilla

  • 4. Daleks


    The evil robots from the series "Doctor Who" who want to exterminate everything

  • 5. Cylons


    The evil robots from Battlestar Galactica

  • 6. HAL 9000

    HAL 9000

    The evil robot from 2001: Space Odyssey

  • 7. T-800


    The Terminator!

  • 8. Bender


    This robot from Futurama seems hilarious, but he's actually full of pure EVIL.

  • 9. Gort


    The cold, killing machine from The Day The Earth Stood Still

  • 10. Ash


    The gross-looking head robot from Alien