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    • deliah

      um alia shawkat, duh. in the same ep as michael cera. also, no 17’s (lucas gabreel) character actually WAS gay in V Mars. not to mention adam scott (teacher who allegedly did leighton meester but actually did her friend. and way to not point out that kristin bell went on to BE gossip girl!), ken marino/vinny van lowe was later on dawson’s creek, Lucy Lawless (xena) was an fbi agent, JTT was a different and more screwy fbi type, on a similar note zachary ty bryan was an 09er for like 5 seconds, kristen cavallari was a gay cheerleader, aaron ashmore was troy van der graffe, and of course steve gutenburg was super creep, just like harry hamlin and his real life wife linda as logan’s parents,

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