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    This Week On The Inter Webz: Yes To Movie Theater Popcorn, Hard Yes To Movie Theater Poutine 🎥

    Plus: Animals are mean AF, Netflix food porn, and more.

    This Week: Lights, camera & maybe roasted cuttlefish balls, depending on where you are

    BuzzFeed / Getty Images / Republic Records

    Next time you’re abroad, don’t forget to schedule a lil downtime between seeing the sights to catch a movie at a local cinema — and to indulge in all the amazing non-popcorn food options.

    To give you an idea of the wide world beyond fake butter, BuzzFeed food writer Michelle No recently crowdsourced our international community for 17 of the most unique foods served in movie theaters around the world. Included in our readers’ recommendations are poutine, fish, and churros — though not always in the countries you’d expect!

    Plus: For more roundups from around the BuzzFeed Community, check out…

    Now, go forth and eat/drink/watch movies on a whole new international scale, my friends.

    International Hits:


    In Australia — Researchers in Oz can now kinda explain why your boyfriend maybe cries after sex.

    In Brazil — Are you one of those people who hates Harry Potter, roast chicken, and other pure & good things in the world?? (Portuguese here).

    In CanadaSex ed so bad, you can’t even laugh.

    In Germany — Here’s unassailable proof that animals are sometimes just huge jerks (German here).

    In Spain — So you’ve finally caught up on Chef’s Table, eh? Here’s everything else you foodie types should be watching on Netflix (Spanish here).

    In FranceFeast the French way, then see if we got your sexual partner count correct (French here).

    In India — The whole timeline of Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas’s relaysh is honestly soothing in the wake of that whole Ariana/Pete thing.

    In Japan — You don’t have to read Japanese to appreciate these well-juxtaposed pics of Pooh Bear and China’s president (but now you know why that new live-action movie is banned in China).

    In Mexico — You know you wanna know: Was your ex the one that got away? (Spanish here).

    In the UK — If you’re trying to get into the whole hobby thing, here’s how to start.

    Required reading:


    Guys. It is so hot in Japan that plastic. food. is. MELTING!!!

    If you already saw this on your feed and are just plain curious about the whole plastic matcha situation in general, give this Guardian piece on Japan’s fake food industry a read. Afterward, you may carry on contemplating the increasingly broiler-like nature of our planet.